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How to Use Alpha-lipoic Acid Powder?

Alpha lipoic acid is a substance that has anti-oxidant effects better than vitamins A, C, and E, and can eliminate free radicals that accelerate aging and cause disease. Lipoic acid also has a variety of beneficial effects on the human body. Lipoic acid is a restrictive essential nutrient required for cells to use carbohydrates and other energy substances to produce energy. It is also an effective antioxidant and heavy metal chelating agent. The body can synthesize an appropriate amount of lipoic acid, but when it is in a state such as stress or disease, its synthesis cannot meet the demand. Like many important substances in the body, lipoic acid levels decline with age.

Among the many antioxidants, lipoic acid has its unique versatility. It is both water-soluble and fat-soluble, and can protect all tissues and interstitial spaces of the body. It can not only resist various free radicals such as oxidized anions, hydroxide ions, singlet oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, but also can chelate (combine and bind metal ions such as iron, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc.) neutralization), and catalyze the generation of free radicals. Another important role of lipoic acid is to lower blood sugar. Due to its antioxidant, metal chelating, and blood sugar-lowering properties, lipoic acid can prevent hyperglycemia and cross-link formation (hyperglycemia and cross-linking are important causes of aging and are closely related to wrinkle formation).

What are Lipoic Acid used for?


1. Lipoic acid is a B vitamin, which can prevent the glycosylation of proteins, and can inhibit aldose reductase, preventing glucose or galactose from turning into sorbitol, so it is mainly used to treat and relieve peripheral neuropathy caused by advanced diabetes .

2. Alpha lipoic acid is a super antioxidant, it can preserve and regenerate other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and E, etc., and can balance blood sugar concentration, effectively enhance the immune system in the body, prevent damage from free radicals, and participate in energy Metabolism, increase the ability of other antioxidants to eliminate free radicals, enhance the body’s ability to increase muscle and reduce fat, activate cells, and anti-aging beauty.

3. Alpha lipoic acid can strengthen the function of liver activity, increase the energy metabolism rate, and quickly convert the food we eat into energy, eliminate fatigue, and make the body not easy to feel tire


Application of  Alpha-lipoic Acid:

At the beginning, lipoic acid was used as a medicine for diabetes, so the Japanese Ministry of health, labor and welfare classified it as a medicine. But in fact, besides treating diabetes, lipoic acid also has many functions. In June 2004, lipoic acid was reclassified from medicine to food.

Medical value

It can prevent sugar from binding to protein, that is to say, it has the effect of “anti saccharification”, so it can easily stabilize the blood sugar level. Therefore, it was used as a vitamin to improve metabolism for patients with liver diseases and diabetes.

Strengthen liver function
Lipoic acid has the function of strengthening liver activity, so it is also used as an antidote for food poisoning or metal poisoning in the early stage.

resist fatigue
Because lipoic acid can improve the energy metabolism rate and effectively convert the food you eat into energy, it can quickly eliminate fatigue and make your body feel less tired.

Strengthen brain function
Lipoic acid is one of the few nutrients that can reach the brain due to its small component molecule. It also has continuous antioxidant activity in the brain and is considered to be quite effective in improving dementia.

Protect the body
In Europe, lipoic acid is specially studied as an antioxidant. It is found that lipoic acid can protect the liver and heart from damage, inhibit the occurrence of cancer cells in the body, and alleviate allergy, arthritis and asthma caused by inflammation in the body.

 Alpha-lipoic Acid

Beauty and cosmetics

The antioxidant capacity of lipoic acid can remove the active oxygen components that cause skin aging. At the same time, lipoic acid is both water-soluble and fat soluble, and the skin is easy to absorb. In addition, strengthening the metabolic function will improve the blood circulation of the body and play a role in skin whitening and anti-aging. It is No.1 anti-aging nutritional agent that keeps pace with Q10 in the United States.

alpha lipoic acid

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