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Turmeric Extract Powder 95% Curcumin

Product Information:

  • Name: Turmeric Extract Powder 95% Curcumin 
  • CAS No.: 458-37-7
  • Appearance: Yellow powder
  • Specification: 95% 99%
  • Certificate: ISO/HALAL/FDA
  • Test Methods: HPLC
  • MOQ: 1kg
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    Curcumin powder is extracted from the rhizomes of ginger plants such as turmeric. The main biologically active substances are curcumin and turmeric, which have the effects of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, promoting choleretics, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. pure Curcumin powder is a rare natural diketone pigment in the plant kingdom. It can prevent automatic oxidation of linoleic acid in food, and has anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions. It is not only widely used as a natural high-quality food pigment, but also as a liver protector. Raw materials of health care products.


    Curcumin+black pepper=Promote the body to absorb turmeric 

    Piperine can enhance the serum concentration, curcumin absorption and bioavailability in the human body. The best part is that there are no side effects from consuming turmeric and black pepper.
    Piperine in black pepper can increase the absorption of curcumin in turmeric by 2000%

    Product Name: Turmeric Extract Curcumin
    Part: Root
    Spec./Purity: 2.5%/ 5%/ 10% / water soluble 5%/ water soluble 10%90%/95%(ordinary)/95%(USP)
    Appearance: yellow Powder
    Shelf Life: 24 moths
    Packabge 1Kg/Bag,25Kg/drum
    Curcumin+black pepper=Promote the body to absorb turmeric

    Piperine can enhance the serum concentration, curcumin absorption and bioavailability in the human body. The best part is that there are no side effects from consuming turmeric and black pepper.

    Piperine in black pepper can increase the absorption of curcumin in turmeric by 2000%

    In the market, most Curcumin formulas are mixed with Black Pepper extract such as BioPerine® to increase the Curcumin bioactivity.
    Scientists found Black Pepper extract can boost Curcumin absorption.
    Just a tiny quantity of Black Pepper can significantly increase the Turmeric supplement absorption, around 2000 times higher than Turmeric supplement alone.
    Most supplements are adding 10-20mg Black Pepper extract per capsule.
    Curcumin and Black Seed Oil:
    pure Curcumin is fat-soluble, so we believe the absorption can be increased if we mix Curcumin with one fat resource and healthy oil.
    Black Seed oil was found in the Bible that can kill diseases except for death; over 600 studies show the health benefits of Black Seed oil.
    If you prefer softgel, you can try Black Seed oil, FocusHerb also supplies Black Seed supplement, feel free to contact with us.
    Curcumin market situation:
    Currently, 95% Curcumin on the market are with different quality, synthetic 95% Curcumin; Nature 95% Curcumin(by extraction process); Synthetic 95% Curcumin mix with Nature 95% Curcumin;
    The quality level is not uniform, and the price is also very different. For more details, please contact with FocusHerb, we will provide professional service for you.
    Turmeric Extract Curcumin Dosage:
    The maximum use of Turmeric extract powder in food is 180 mg per person per day, and the maximum use in medical food is 1000 mg per person per day.


    1>Food field:
    Turmeric root extract Curcumin is a natural yellow pigment, which can be widely used in various foods and beverages.
    2>Health care products:
    3>turmeric curcumin can be made into capsules, tablets and other health care products that protect the liver, kidneys and prevent arthritis.



    turmeric benefits/curcumin benefits

    1>The effect of anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals;
    2>Protect the liver and kidneys and even prevent arthritis;
    3>Decompose amyloid in the brain and help prevent Alzheimer's disease;
    4>High anti-inflammatory activity and has certain anti- inflammatory effects.

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  • Items Standards Results
    Physical Analysis
    Appearance Fine Powder Conforms
    Color Orange crystalline powder Conforms
    Odor Characteristic Conforms
    Mesh Size 100% through 80 mesh size Conforms
    General Analysis
    Identification Identical to R.S. sample Conforms
    Curcumin ≥95% 95.73%
    Extract Solvents Water and Ethanol Conforms
    Loss on Drying (g/100g) ≤5.0 3.14%
    Ash(g/100g) ≤5.0 2.65%
    Chemical Analysis
    Pesticides Residue (mg/kg) <0.05% Conforms
    Residual Solvent <0.05% Conforms
    Residual Radiation Negative Conforms
    Lead(Pb) (mg/kg) <3.0 Conforms
    Arsenic(As) (mg/kg) <2.0 Conforms
    Cadmium(Cd) (mg/kg) <1.0 Conforms
    Mercury(Hg) (mg/kg) <0.1 Conforms
    Microbiological Analysis
    Total Plate Count(cfu/g) ≤1,000 201
    Molds and Yeast (cfu/g) ≤100 17
    Coliforms (cfu/g) Negative Conforms
    Salmonella(/25g) Negative Conforms

    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
    A: We are manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory.
    Q2: How to confirm the product quality before placing the order?
    A:Sample could be provided, and we have the inspection report issued by an authoritative
    third-party testing agency.
    Q3: What’s your MOQ?
    A: It depends on products, different products with different MOQ, we accept sample order or provide free sample for your test.
    Q4: How about delivery time/method?
    A: We usually ship within 1-3 working days after your payment.
    We can ship by door to door courier, by air, by sea, you also can choose your forwarder shipping
    Q5: Do you provide after sales service?
    A: TGY provide 24*7 service. We can talk by email, skype, whatsapp, phone or whatever you
    feel convenient.
    Q6: How to solve the after-sale disputes?
    A:We accept Changing or Refunding service if any quality problem.
    Q7: What’s your payment methods?
    A:Bank transfer ,Western Union, Moneygram, T/T + T/T balance against B/L copy(bulk quantity)

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