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What is Sweetener Neotame?

Neotame is a versatile new food ingredient that can be used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer in foods and beverages, without the calories for dieters. Neotame has the other name is the sugar diet.

Neotame provides food and beverage manufacturers with greater flexibility and value in developing products that meet consumer expectations for great taste.

Neotame, chemical name is: N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-α-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine-1-methyl ester, white crystalline powder , containing about 4.5% crystal water, is a functional sweetener. Pure sweetness, very close to aspartame, without the bitter and metallic taste often associated with other intense sweeteners. The sweetness is 7000-13000 times sweeter than sucrose and 30-60 times sweeter than aspartame. The energy value is almost zero. It can remain stable under instantaneous high temperature conditions. 

Neotame is a no-calorie sweetener, which is a derivative of the dipeptide composed of the amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine. The components of neotame are joined together to form a uniquely sweet ingredient.
Neotame is sweeter than other marketed no-calorie,sweeteners and is approximately 30-40 times sweeter than aspartame; 8,000-12,000 times sweeter than sugar. Neotame will deliver comparable sweetness to sucrose in various natural Sweeteners such as Aspartame,Acesulfame K, Sucralose.
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What’s the use of Neotame Sweetener in Food Industry?

1. Canned fruit

Reduce the overall proportion of syrup, thereby reducing the phenomenon of fruit floating, without adding more fruit. Neotame shows good stability during heat treatment of canned products. Substitute 40%-50% sucrose to reduce product cost. The product shelf life is 12-24 months.


2. Drinks

(1) Carbonated drinks: Neotame can last for 16 weeks in cola-type carbonated drinks. The shelf life is consistent with that of low-energy carbonated beverages sold on the market. It can also be used in lemonade.

(2) Non-carbonated beverages: Neotame can be used in hot filling lemon tea, solid powder beverages, yogurt and other foods. It is very stable and of good quality in these foods.

(3) Solid beverage: Partially replace granulated sugar at a ratio of 30%, which can reduce the cost as much as possible without changing the taste of the original full sugar formula. Instead of aspartame in the formula, the label does not need to indicate that it contains phenylalanine. Premix with powdered sugar or other powder additives at a ratio of 1-2%: Tests have shown that concentrated neotame premixes can be properly dispersed and adsorbed on the surface of the carrier. In the production of solid beverages, it is very common to premix trace amounts of raw materials such as pigments and spices, so the use of neotame is only a very simple process. Mixing the coloring and neotame in the sugar at the same time can visually observe the premix to ensure thorough mixing. The mixing time must be sufficient to ensure dispersion, but the time must be controlled to reduce powder flying.

3. Dairy drinks

The solid content of the product itself is relatively rich, even if the use of sweeteners may lose a small amount of product consistency, it can be supplemented by stabilizers of dairy products. The pH of 4.0-4.5 is the most suitable for the stability of neotame. Neotame is relatively stable during the fermentation process. Substituting neotame for some of the sucrose in these products reduces calories while potentially increasing nutritional value (milk replaces the volume of sucrose).

4. Jelly

The international requirement for the minimum solid content of jelly is >15, and often the sweetness of jelly should reach 18-22 sweetness, and the taste is the best. Therefore, sweeteners can be used to adjust the taste of the sugar content exceeding 15 sugar content. The taste of the product is sweet and pure, and the total cost of the product can be reduced.

5. Baked goods

Neotame can partially replace granulated sugar to make low-sugar products with lower cost. Mixed with sugar alcohols to make sugar-free products, healthy concept. Neotame presents satisfactory flavor and texture properties in baked goods, and has good stability.

Neotame Powder

6. Chewing gum

Application method: On the basis of the original formula, additional neotame is added. Suggested dosage: icing: 15ppm, gum base: 40ppm

To balance the cost, the weight of the gum can be reduced by 7-8%.

Application advantages: longer sweetness delay, which meets the need of prolonging sweetness. The sweetness and mint flavor of the product are related, as long as the sweetness persists, the mint flavor will continue to appear at the same time. Due to the flavor-enhancing properties of neotame, the amount of flavor used in mint gum can be reduced.


7. Starchy foods

Adding neotame to starchy foods can inhibit the aging of starch and prolong the shelf life of food. Adding it to protein-rich foods such as eggs and fish can inhibit protein denaturation and maintain a good taste of the food.


As a functional sweetener, neotame has no adverse effects on human health, and plays a beneficial role in regulation or promotion. TGYBIO is a supplier of neotame sweetener, if you need neotame or other food ingredients, please contact us.

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