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Quality Controlling

Quality Control Center

Since 2005, we have adhered to the concept of high-tech, high-quality products; and management concept of light assets and heavy teams.

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QC Center of Our Factory in Xi'an

Our company has adhered to the high-tech and high-quality product concept for many years; adhering to the strict standards of drug management, the company has made great progress in the field of health.

Our product and quality control center is located in the Hi-tech Industrial Park in Xi'an High-tech Zone, and is carried by the 10,000-grade clean room. All our products with the HALAL certification, Kosher certification, SC certification, ISO9001 certification, HACCP ect.

Contract with Third-Party Lab

Xi’an Tian Guangyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. We are cooperation with several Authority third parties such as SGS, Eurofin, UNQD to test our products and make a guarantee of the quality for the customers.we tested the assay,water,Odor, Heavy Metals ,Solvent Residue,pesticide residue,Protein,Microbiological,so on for assure our products Meet the requirements of relevant countries and regions!

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In order to ensure product quality, we have introduced advanced analysis and testing instruments such as Waters' LC-MS chromatograph, HP 8453 ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, and Swiss thin-layer scanner (HPTLC). And it has established extensive cooperative relations with universities and related scientific research institutions.

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Instrument 1
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