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Pure Alpha Arbutin Powder

Product Information:

  • Product Name: Alpha Arbutin Powder
  • Appearance: White to Off-White Powder
  • Assay: ≥98%
  • Test Methods: HPLC
  • CAS No.: 84380-01-8
  • Grade: Cosmetic grade
  • Certification: ISO & Halal
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years
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    Pure Alpha Arbutin Powder is an effective whitening ingredient widely used in skincare and beauty products. Alpha Arbutin Powder is extracted from arbutin, a naturally occurring compound in certain plants. It mainly comes from certain plants in the lacquer tree family, such as hawthorn, rose, and berry plants. The concentration of arbutin in these plants is relatively low, so specialized extraction and refining processes are required to obtain high-purity products of Alpha Arbutin Powder. At present, Alpha Arbutin Powder is available in different specifications and contents in the market. Common specifications include products with a purity of 99% or above. Regarding content, common products are usually sold at concentrations of 1%, 2%, or 5%. These concentrations are determined based on the user's personal needs and skin type. Lower concentrations can be used to homogenize overall skin tone, while higher concentrations can better address issues such as pigment deposition or freckles.

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    Alpha Arbutin
    Beta Arbutin
    CAS No
    White fine powder
    White fine powder
    Soluble in water , alcohol
    Soluble in water , alcohol
    Whitening effect
    α Arbutin is 10 times more effective than β-arbutin in inhibiting Melanin production and has higher safety.
    β Arbutin has inhibitory effect on tyrosinase from mushroom and mouse melanoma.
    Melting Point
    Optical rotation
    + 176.0°- +184.0°
    Arbutin powder


    Usually, the specifications of Alpha Arbutin Powder are expressed in percentage or weight units, and the most common specifications include:

    a. 99% purity: This is the high purity specification for Alpha Arbutin Powder, indicating that the product contains 99% Alpha Arbutin. High purity Alpha Arbutin Powder is typically used in high-end whitening and skincare products due to its stronger whitening effect.

    b. 95% purity: This specification indicates that the product contains 95% Alpha Arbutin. The 95% purity Alpha Arbutin Powder is suitable for general whitening and skincare products, and its effect is still very significant.

    Production Process

    (1). Raw material preparation: Firstly, it is necessary to prepare raw materials for arbutin. Arbutin is mainly extracted from the leaves of bear fruit trees. After preliminary cleaning and treatment, the harvested bear fruit leaves enter the next extraction process.

    (2). Extracting arbutin: arbutin is present in the leaves of arbutin, and it needs to be extracted through appropriate extraction methods. Common extraction methods include water extraction, ethanol extraction, or supercritical fluid extraction. These methods can effectively separate arbutin from bear fruit leaves and obtain extracts with high purity of arbutin.

    (3).Crystallization and purification: The extracted arbutin extract needs to undergo a crystallization and purification process to obtain a more pure Alpha Arbutin. During the crystallization process, by controlling factors such as temperature and solvent, arbutin is crystallized into solid particles. Then, impurities can be removed through steps such as filtration, washing, and drying, further improving the purity of Alpha Arbutin.

    (4). Crushing and processing: After crystallization and purification, Alpha Arbutin is crushed into small particles for subsequent processing and use. The process of crushing is usually carried out using mechanical grinding or crushing equipment.

    (5). Packaging and Inspection: Finally, the crushed and processed Alpha Arbutin Powder is packed into appropriate packaging and subjected to quality inspection. Quality inspection includes testing the purity, impurity content, and microbiological testing of products to ensure their safety and quality.

    Alpha Arbutin Powder Benefits

    (1). Whitening and lightening spots: Alpha Albutin Powder is an effective whitening ingredient that can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the formation of melanin and lightening existing spots. It can even the skin tone, reduce dullness and freckles, and make the skin brighter.

    (2). Antioxidant: Alpha Arbutin Powder has antioxidant effects, which can neutralize free radicals, reduce environmental pollution and damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation. This helps to delay the aging process of the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    (3). Moisturizing and protecting skin barrier: Alpha Arbutin Powder can provide skin moisturizing effect, enhance skin's water retention ability, and make the skin soft and moist. At the same time, it can also enhance the skin barrier function, prevent water loss and external irritants from invading, and protect skin health.

    (4). Inhibition of melanin production: Alpha Arbutin Powder can reduce the synthesis and deposition of melanin by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, effectively reducing pigmentation problems such as black spots and melasma.

    (5). Anti inflammation and soothing skin: Alpha Arbutin Powder has certain anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, which can reduce skin sensitivity, alleviate inflammatory reactions, and make the skin more calm and comfortable.

    alpha-Arbutin powder
    Arbutin powder


    (1). Skin care products: Due to its excellent whitening and spot lightening effects, Pure Alpha Arbutin Powder is widely used in various skin care products, such as face cream, lotion, essence liquid, facial mask, etc. It can help improve skin pigmentation, even skin tone, and brighten skin tone.

    (2). Beauty cosmetics: Alpha Arbutin Powder is often used as an additive in beauty cosmetics, such as foundation make-up, concealer, BB cream, etc. It can provide whitening and moisturizing effects, making the skin look brighter and more even.

    (3). Medical beauty: Alpha Arbutin Powder is also used in the field of medical beauty, especially in some whitening treatments. It can achieve the goal of whitening the skin by inhibiting the synthesis of melanin, reducing pigmentation problems such as black spots and melasma.

    (4). Daytime sun protection products: Alpha Arbutin Powder can be used as an antioxidant and light protectant in formulas for use in daytime sun protection products. It can help reduce pigmentation caused by ultraviolet radiation, while providing a certain degree of moisturizing and soothing effects.

    Our Service

    In addition to providing powder type products, our factory can provide OEM/ODM One-stop processing services, including customized labeling and packaging. We have a professional team to provide you with professional services.

    oem service

    Why Choose Our Alpha Arbutin?

    (1). Product quality: As a supplier, Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd has a purity of over 99%. Its alpha arbutin products have undergone strict quality control and testing to ensure high purity, pollution-free, and good stability. This can ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product during use.

    (2). Production process: Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd adopts standardized production processes to ensure product consistency and stability. They have advanced production equipment and technology that can control key parameters during the production process to ensure product quality and effectiveness.

    (3). Raw Material Source: Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd alpha arbutin raw material comes from high-quality arbutin extract and is strictly purchased and inspected in accordance with relevant standards. This can ensure the reliable quality of the raw materials of the product, fundamentally ensuring the quality of the final product.

    (4). Customer Service: Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd provides personalized customer service and can provide customized product specifications and packaging according to customer needs. They focus on communication and cooperation with customers, ensuring that their needs are met, and providing timely technical support and after-sales service.

    (5). Price rationality: The price of alpha arbutin from Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co.,Ltd is relatively reasonable, considering not only product quality and service, but also the actual economic situation of customers. The products they provide can effectively control costs while ensuring quality, and provide customers with competitive prices.

    Our Packaging

    Alpha Arbutin Powder Supplier:

    Bulk Alpha Arbutin Powder General packaging:
    1) 1kg/bag (1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in an aluminum foil bag)
    2) 5kg/carton(1kg net weight, 1.1kg gross weight, packed in five aluminum foil bag)
    3) 25kg/drum (25kg net weight, 28kg gross weight;)

    If you want to customize the packaging, we have multiple packaging options for you to choose, and we can also help you design.

    Our Factory

    The factory of Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. is located in Qingyang, Gansu, covering an area of approximately 5500 square meters. This factory is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of plant extracts and natural nutrients. The company is committed to providing high-quality plant extracts and natural nutrient products, including alpha arbutin, flavonoids, polysaccharides, proteins, etc. They focus on innovation and research and development, and can provide personalized customized services according to customer needs. The factory has a complete set of modern production equipment and precision testing equipment, including multiple ultra-low temperature freeze-drying machines, multiple extraction tanks, multiple separation tanks, multiple purification columns, as well as detection equipment such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), etc. The factory adopts standardized production processes, And we have passed ISO9001 quality certification and ISO22000 food safety management system certification to ensure the quality and safety of our products. The factory has multiple production lines, one of which is an OEM OEM OEM production line. This production line provides customers with customized product processing services, including formula design, raw material procurement, production processing, packaging, and quality control, among other comprehensive services. Xi'an Tianguangyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. can produce plant extracts and natural nutrient products of different specifications and formulas according to customer needs and requirements. Customers can provide their own raw materials or entrust companies to purchase raw materials, and provide personalized product customization services tailored to the needs of different markets and consumer groups.

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    Xi'an tgybio Biotech Co.,Ltd is Pure Alpha Arbutin powder supplier, Our factory has over ten years of export experience, with rich export experience. We have cooperated with multiple logistics companies, including air freight, international express delivery, sea freight, etc. Our prices are cheap, time consuming, and various logistics options are available.


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  • Items Specifications Results Test Methods
    Assay(%, On Dried Basis) NLT98.0%~102% 99.20% HPLC
    Physical Control
    Appearance Fine Powder with highly Hygroscopic Conforms Visual
    Color White  Conforms Visual
    Odor Neutral Conforms Organoleptic
    Identification Positive Conforms IR&1H NMR
    Specification Rotation[a]25D -2.4 to -2.95 -2.61 USP
    Solubility(H2O,10%W/W) Clear Conforms Visual
    Color of Solution NMT Y7 Y6 USP
    Loss on Drying 5.0% Max 2.58% USP
    Ph 5.0-7.0 5.7 USP
    Chemical Control
    Heavy metals NMT10PPM Conforms CPh
    Arsenic(As2O3) NMT1PPM Conforms CPh
    Sulfate(SO4) NMT 0.020% Conforms CPh
    Iron(Fe) NMT10PPM Conforms CPh
    Chloride(Cl) NMT 0.020% Conforms CPh
    Solvent Residual Meeting USP Standard Conforms GC
    Conclusion The results conforms standards

    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
    A: We are manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory.
    Q2: How to confirm the product quality before placing the order?
    A:Sample could be provided, and we have the inspection report issued by an authoritative
    third-party testing agency.
    Q3: What’s your MOQ?
    A: It depends on products, different products with different MOQ, we accept sample order or provide free sample for your test.
    Q4: How about delivery time/method?
    A: We usually ship within 1-3 working days after your payment.
    We can ship by door to door courier, by air, by sea, you also can choose your forwarder shipping
    Q5: Do you provide after sales service?
    A: TGY provide 24*7 service. We can talk by email, skype, whatsapp, phone or whatever you
    feel convenient.
    Q6: How to solve the after-sale disputes?
    A:We accept Changing or Refunding service if any quality problem.
    Q7: What’s your payment methods?
    A:Bank transfer ,Western Union, Moneygram, T/T + T/T balance against B/L copy(bulk quantity)

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