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100% Pure 98% Resveratrol Powder

Product Information:

  • Name: Resveratrol
  • Source: Extracted from Polygonum cuspidatum/Grape skin/Synthetic
  • CAS NO.: 501-36-0
  • Specification: 5%-99%
  • Molecular formula: C14H12O3
  • Molecular Weight: 228.25
  • Appearance: Off-white powder(98% and 99%),Red powder(5%)
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    Resveratrol powder is a purely occurring phytoalexine found in medicinal plants. Pure Resveratrol powder is an active component extracted from Huzhang (Polygonum cuspidatum) in China. It is an antioxidant phenol and a potent vasodilator that inhibits serum triglyceride synthesis, lipid peroxidation, and platelet aggregation. It is extensively used for treatment of blood vessel disease such as atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia. In addition, resveratrol bulk powder has anti-virus and anti-inflammatory activity, can treat acute microbial infections and viral hepatitis, ect.

    Polygonum cuspidatum Extract powder is important concentrated sources of resveratrol and its glucoside piceid, replacing grape byproducts. Many large supplement sources of resveratrol now use Polygonum cuspidatum and use its scientific name in the supplement labels. The plant is useful because of its year-round growth and robustness in different climates.

    Natural resveratrol has CIS and trans structures. In nature, it mainly exists in trans conformation. The two structures can be combined with glucose to form CIS and trans resveratrol glycosides. Trans resveratrol powder can release resveratrol under the action of glycosidases in the intestine.

    At present, TGY can provide natural Polygonum cuspidatum extract resveratrol 98%, 50%, grape skin extract resveratrol 5%,synthetic resveratrol 99% and water-soluble 10%.

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    1>Applied in food field, resveratrol extract powder is used as food additive with the function of lengthening life.
    2>Applied in pharmaceutical field,resveratrol powder bulk is frequently used as medicine supplement or OTCS ingredients and owns good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
    3>Applied in cosmetics,grape skin extract resveratrol can delay aging and prevent UV radiation.


    Resveratrol powder benefits

    1> Resveratrol protects the heart and circulatory system, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against clots which can cause heart attacks and stroke.
    2> Resveratrol protects a cell's DNA. It is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants can help prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms caused by pollution, sunlight and our bodies natural burning of fat that can lead to cancer, aging and brain degeneration.
    3> Lowering cholesterin and the blood viscosity, reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis, cardio-cerebrovascular disease and heart disease.
    4> Anti-virus and accommodate immunity, inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus catarrhalis, Bacillus coli, aeruginosus Bacillus, have better inhibit action with Orphan virus, Fever blisters virus, enteric virus and Kesaqi virus.

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  • Item Specifcation Testing
    Assay Content % by HPLC ≥99% 99.74%
    Characters Powder Complies
    Color White or off-white Complies
    Odour Characteristic Complies
    Mesh 100 Complies
    Melting point 258~263ºC 261~263ºC
    Loss on drying % ≤0.5 0.08
    Pesticides Negative Negative
    Ash % ≤1.0 0.4
    Heavy metals PPM ≤10 Complies
    As <2ppm Complies
    Pb <2ppm Complies
    cd <1ppm Complies
    Total Plate Count <1000cfu/g Complies
    Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g Complies
    E.Coli Negative Complies
    S.Aureus Negative Complies
    Salmonella Negative Complies

    Q1: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
    A: We are manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory.
    Q2: How to confirm the product quality before placing the order?
    A:Sample could be provided, and we have the inspection report issued by an authoritative
    third-party testing agency.
    Q3: What’s your MOQ?
    A: It depends on products, different products with different MOQ, we accept sample order or provide free sample for your test.
    Q4: How about delivery time/method?
    A: We usually ship within 1-3 working days after your payment.
    We can ship by door to door courier, by air, by sea, you also can choose your forwarder shipping
    Q5: Do you provide after sales service?
    A: TGY provide 24*7 service. We can talk by email, skype, whatsapp, phone or whatever you
    feel convenient.
    Q6: How to solve the after-sale disputes?
    A:We accept Changing or Refunding service if any quality problem.
    Q7: What’s your payment methods?
    A:Bank transfer ,Western Union, Moneygram, T/T + T/T balance against B/L copy(bulk quantity)

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